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Iberia Airline First Officer Programme

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for entering FTE’s Iberia Airline First Officer Programme (AFOP) application web site. Before you apply via the online application form shown below, we strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the Mentored scheme by reading the information provided below.

Selection process information

Terms and conditions.

Welcome to the Iberia AFOP, a mentored airline pilot programme and ATPL course run in collaboration with FTEJerez. I am Jorge Vilar García-Talavera, Head of Training at Iberia and charged by the airline to assist with the hiring and training of its flight deck crews.

This Mentored Scheme has been developed with our training partner, FTEJerez, to provide a source of quality preselected pilots to crew our aircraft. You will undertake training under the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) route to the right-hand seat of our aircraft. The course has been specifically designed to teach you all of the key elements necessary for you to successfully transition to an Iberia flight deck.

During your training in Jerez, your progress will be mentored throughout the course by an Iberia Liaison Pilot. As the final phase of this course, students will undergo an A320 Type Rating course.

Selection will follow the standard format and battery of tests FTEJerez conducts for other airline mentored schemes. The top ten candidates will be offered positions on courses commencing training at Jerez in February and March 2018.

The prospects within the airline for pilot progression are excellent and the routes we fly are both challenging and rewarding.

May I take this opportunity to wish you every success with your application and the selection process.

Jorge Vilar García-Talavera

Head of Training

The Iberia AFOP is a Mentored Airline Pilot Scheme, which is well established as an FTEJerez programme for low hour entry to partner airlines. This is a great opportunity for people who want to be involved in working in a fast paced, hi-tech airline that offers significant opportunities and career progression to its staff.

Iberia mainly operate the Airbus Aircraft Family.

We are looking for high calibre, well-motivated individuals who are keen to be part of a team working for one of Europe’s most well-established airlines.

To be eligible for this scheme you must hold third level qualifications (University Degree), speak Spanish at a native/ICAO 6 level and have at least a B2 English proficiency.

If successful, you will have to fund the ‘Airline First Officer Programme’, FTE’s renowned integrated ATPL course. The price for the AFOP is 117,000€, including VAT.

The candidate will also have to fund an Airbus 320 Type Rating (provided by Iberia’s TR supplier).

The total price for the AFOP is inclusive of the following:

  • Accommodation and Full Board whilst undergoing training at FTEJerez
  • Full uniform (except shoes)
  • 1st attempt, ground and flying EASA exams
  • Renewal of the EASA Class One Medical
  • All training material
  • Landing and navigation fees
  • Free Internet access
  • No additional accommodation charge in the unlikely event of delay in training due to adverse weather
  • VAT

Please bear in mind the course start dates (February and March 2018) when considering the funds you will require in time to commence training.

Throughout the training, the Iberia cadet’s performance will not only be monitored by FTE’s training team, but there will also be an oversight by Iberia’s assigned Liaison Pilot.

If successful throughout the training at FTEJerez and First Officer positions available, no further selection will be required by Iberia and you will flow straight onto the A320 type rating course.

Candidates will be able to apply as from the 27th November until further notice. It is advised, however, that candidates apply within the first week of the selection window.

When applying, you will be required to create a user name and password. With this information, you will be given access to a personal Candidate Area, where you can complete your application.

Should you meet the initial criteria you will be given access to a series of questions that must be answered from your Candidate Area within the specified period.

Should your application be successful in progressing to the next phase you will be required to travel, at your own expense, to FTE’s campus in Jerez de la Frontera. Currently, this one-day selection phase is expected to take place in mid-January 2018 (exact dates to be confirmed).

This selection will include written tests, PILAPT (hand-eye coordination test), a group exercise and an evidence based interview. Candidates invited to this phase will receive pre-test guidance material in order to prepare for the assessments.

The final element of the selection process will be an Iberia airline interview which will take place at the airline's headquarters in Madrid, Spain. This one-day selection phase is expected to take place in early 2018.

Throughout the selection process, you will be advised as to whether or not your application has been progressed to the next stage. However, due to the large number of applications expected, neither Iberia nor FTEJerez will be in a position to give individual detailed feedback on your performance.

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