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Become a professional pilot with FTEJerez

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Aviation Industry Benchmark Training Provider

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Become an Air Traffic Controller

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Premium airline partners

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All training and accommodation conducted in one location

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Combined CPL IR


Courses 128 & 129 graduate, including Cityjet cadets and the first 2 Dublin City University students

Published on 06-08-2014

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FTEJerez receives AESA approval to deliver Radar Approach training

Published on 18-07-2014

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Volotea signs historic Cadet Pilot Training Agreement with FTEJerez

Published on 10-07-2014

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Become a Pilot

become a pilot

Applying for a course at FTEJerez is quite simple. You simply have to apply online and our dedicated sales team will guide you through the process.
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Pilot Training

integrated training ATPL

Integrated ab-initio JAR-FCL ATPL course. A 60 week fully residential course which provides students with a CPL, MEIR and MCC certificate...
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