FCF Course

Functional Check Flight Course


Functional Check Flight (FCF) Course

Over the last few years, several accidents or serious incidents have occurred during functional check flights on transport aircraft.
One of the reasons is a lack of information for the execution of the various manoeuvres that may be performed during these flights. The target of FTE’s FCF Course is to fill this gap.

For the crew, performing a functional check flight requires not only an excellent knowledge of the aircraft and of the procedures, but also to have the right type of thinking. Safety is obviously of prime importance, however, sometimes it must be considered in a different way than in a commercial flight and specific precautions must be taken into account. FTE’s FCF Course explains the best procedures to ensure safety and efficiency, preparing trainees for difficult key situations.

Course Structure

Two days ground school training, covering:

  • Review of the preparation, organization and crew coordination for FCF.
  • Presentation of safety issues and procedures for most common and especially complex checks such as depressurization and stall warning.

Two 4 hour Sim Session, covering:

  • Review of organisation in the cockpit and practical exercises of issues considered during ground school.
  • Failure case review, specific to FCF.


Two days ground school training, covering:

  • FTE’s FCF course is delivered on our fixed base B737-800.
  • All manoeuvres are debriefed thoroughly on completion of the sim session.
  • Following manufacturer recommendations, training is delivered in a configuration of 3 crew members. The third crewmember in the cockpit can be a pilot or an engineer.
  • The entire course is supported by the book “Functional Check Flights” (Editions JPO), covering general information to prepare and to execute the flight and checks of the various aircraft systems.
  • Full use of FTE’s Campus facilities. Accommodation on site available on request.

About the instructor

Captain Claude Lelaie

FTEJerez is proud to have Captain Claude Lelaie deliver FTE’s FCF Course.

Captain Lelaie is a qualified engineer with a distinguished career as a test pilot, fighter pilot and airline pilot, during which he has clocked up more than 16,000 flying hours, including 9,000 in testing.

He joined Airbus in 1988 where he became Head of Flight Tests in 1994 and then Head of Product Safety. He was pilot-in-command on the first flights of both the A340-600 and the A380.

Claude Lelaie

Fees and course availability

The FCF course fee, without accommodation, is €5,000. Please contact us for further information regarding fees and availability.

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